What they're saying…


  • Promote Foot and Nail Care Knowledge and Certification
  • Reduce the number of amputations of people with diabetes.
  • Reduce the incidence of type II diabetes diagnosed among adolescents.
  • Facilitate professionals to share and show what they know through podium presentations, written publications, and electronic websites.
  • Incorporate greater health through lifestyle changes.
  • Teach foot care for those interested in offering a service to families or elderly high-risk patients or those interested in an entrepreneurial nursing role
  • Offer resources, references, and referral as appropriate.
  • Incorporate hope instead of hopelessness with health care issues.
  • Address physical, emotional, spiritual, psychosocial, and financial aspects of care through a Parish Nurse Ministry.
  • Address issues of lower extremity edema as an impediment of wound healing.
  • Facilitate use of negative pressure wound therapy for complicated “non-healing” or difficult to manage chronic wounds.
  • Serve as an Army Nurse where called.